5th European Modelling Workshop
(Isle of Capri, Italy, 13-15 October 2010)

Modelling of behaviour of PPPs in soil, water and air relevant for their regulatory assessment at EU or Member State level

Workshop organisers: Sabine Beulke (The Food and Environment Research Agency, UK), Jos Boesten (Alterra, The Netherlands) and Bernd Gottesbüren (BASF, Germany)

Local organiser: Ettore Capri (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy)


GeoPEARL for Austria by Michael Stemmer (Ages, Austria)

French refinement of groundwater scenarios - FROGS by Klaus Hammel (Bayer Crop Science, Germany)

Implementation of FROGS into French national GW assessment by Stéphanie Roulier (ANSES, France)

Risk assessment with GIS-based indicator SYNOPS: The impact of drift mitigation measures in German orchard regions by Jörn Strassemeyer (JKI, Germany)

Higher Tier Rice Modelling for the EU by A.M. Ritter (Waterborne, USA)

Derivation of FOCUS GW Tier 3 Scenarios by Paul Sweeney (Syngenta, UK)

Higher Dimensional Modelling by Tom Schroeder (BASF, Germany)

Modelling run-off mitigation efficiancy of vegetated filter strips (VFS) within the FOCUSsw framework using VFSMOD-W by Bjoern Roepke (Bayer CropScience, Germany)

European Scenarios for Exposure of Soil Organisms to Plant Protection Products by Aaldrik Tiktak (PBL, The Netherlands)

Guidance for evaluating and using results of field persistence and soil accumulation experiments for exposure assessments by Jos Boesten (Alterra, The Netherlands)

Spray interception values for cereal crops by Wendy van Beinum (The Food and Environment Research Agency, UK)

Selection Application dates based on Phenology by Dirk Gericke (RIFCon GmbH)

Surface water Scenario Development in Norway by Ole Martin Eklo (Bioforsk, Norway)

Assessment of time-dependent sorption in laboratory aged sorption, undisturbed soil column and field studies by Klaus Hammel (Bayer CropScience, Germany)

Industry Investigations into Aspects of Kinetic Evaluations of Water/Sediment and Parent/Metabolite Soil Degradation Studies by Russell Jones (Bayer CropScience, USA)

Modeling pesticide fate at catchment level by Marco Trevisan (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy)

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Resolutions of the 5rd European Modelling Workshop

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