9th European Modelling Workshop
(Copenhagen, Denmark, 9-11 October 2018)

Workshop organisers: Sabine Beulke (Enviresearch, UK), Jos Boesten (Alterra, The Netherlands) and Bernd Gottesbüren (BASF, Germany)

Local organisers: Annette Rosenbom (Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland) & Anne Louise Gimsing (The Danish Environmental Protection Agency)


The SETAC EMAG workgroup on groundwater monitoring by Anne Louise Gimsing (Danish Environmental Protection Agency)

Contextualisation of higher tier exposure studies by Arnaud Boivin (ANSES)

Site selection and contextualisation of higher tier leaching studies by Ben Miles & Bernhard Gottesbüren (BASF)

Can vulnerability maps explain pesticide findings in groundwater? by Ingeborg Joris (VITO)

A Higher Tier Modelling Framework for Europe - Considerations and Experiences by Gerco Hoogeweg (Waterborne)

Recent numerical study of pesticide leaching from golf courses by Sachan Karin (GEUS)

MACRO-based modelling tools - Recent development and future plans by Mats Larsbo (SLU)

PECs in soil guidance - comparison of old and new exposure assessment by Michael Klein (FHG/ IME)

Some perspectives for Future Development of Regulatory Risk Assessment in Europe by Mark Egsmose (EFSA)

EFSA Scientific Opinion on guidance on aged sorption by Aaldrik Tiktak (PBL)

Experience with surface water exposure assessment (FOCUS SW Steps 3+4) based on recent EU guidance documents and model versions by Andreas Häusler (GAB) & Sabine Beulke (Enviresearch)

Coupling Monitoring with High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Data to Improve Predictions of Catchment Scale Drift and Runoff Exposure by Hendrik Rathjens (Stone Environmental)

FOCUS surface water scenarios: updates on the repair action by Paulien Adriaanse (WER) & Gabriella Fait (EFSA)

FOCUS Surface Water Repair activity: First impressions from a user's point of view by Dieter Schäfer (BAYER)

Assessment of the potential of contamination of surface water by pesticides at national scale. Comparison with monitoring data by Nadia Carluer (IRSTEA)

Evaluation of a new VFSMOD version with upgraded pesticide trapping equations against field data by Stefan Reichenberger (KNOELL)

Downwind deposits of spray drift, a probabilistic approach by Henk Jan Holterman (WUR)

Spray drift modelling and its role in regulatory exposure assessment by Clare Butler Ellis (Silsoe Spray Applications Unit)

SETAC DRAW: Current Status and Future Options for Representation of Drift by Neil Mackay (FMC)

Mechanistic root water and pesticide uptake modeling: simulation examples and approaches for parameterization and validation by Jan Vanderborght (FZ Jülich)

Hydraulic shortcuts: An important but ignored pesticide transport pathway? by Urs Schönenberger (EAWAG)

A standardised approach to identify worst-case FOCUS surface water exposure profiles using a TK/TD model by Dirk Nickisch (Rifcon)

Linking exposure and effect models for soil risk assessment - a potential tool to answer burning questions in soil risk assessment by Thomas Preuss (BAYER)

Coupling two-dimensional fate and individual-based effects models: opportunities for refining the fate profile of pesticides and enhancing risk assessment by Colin Brown (University York)

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